Technical Directors


Technical Directors function as an integral part of the departments they’re associated with, designing or optimizing processes and tools to best fit production needs.

Meet Kim

What do you do in your role?

I've been developing tools that combine 2D and CG animation for our production pipeline. On Moana, I created Maui's 2D-animated tattoos workflow to allow 2D and CG animators to work together seamlessly. I work closely with our artists, providing front-line support and optimizing processes to enable them to work more efficiently.

What brought you to Disney Animation?

After watching a preview screening of Aladdin in 1992, I was fascinated by the different stages of animation, from storyboard to rough animation to cleanup and final color. I was inspired by the process that combined art and technology for storytelling, and in 1997 I was hired as a CAPS (Disney's early CG system) software developer. Since then I have enjoyed working on various parts of the filmmaking process, from story to post production.

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